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Aporta valor y beneficios tangibles a tu negocio. Las soluciones basadas en Business Intelligence (BI) e Inteligencia Artificial (IA) impulsan el crecimiento y mejoran la eficiencia. Según estudios recientes, el 92% de las inversiones en Datos e IA son rentables [NewVantage Partners].

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At Colbai we focus on understanding our customers’ business and detecting the most appropriate and cost-effective BI / AI solutions.
We have the knowledge and experience to implement them successfully in your business.

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AI is revolutionizing planning, management and decision making in all business sectors. Its implementation will undoubtedly mean changes. But these changes bring significant competitive and strategic advantages and boost the professionalization of businesses.

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What can BI / AI bring to your company?

Competitive and strategic advantages

Make your decisions and business planning more accurate and objective basing them not only on intuition but also on data.
Know in detail and in real time the key information of the company and its environment.

Higher revenues

Optimize the conversion of leads into customers.
Suggest suitable products or services to customers, increasing the probability of purchase.
Optimize prices by automatically adjusting them to demand, competition and other factors.

Cost reduction

Automate at the highest level the operational and management processes of your company, thus achieving:
– Agility and cost reduction.
– Elimination of errors.
– Freedom of resources to devote to higher value-added tasks.

Our Method

1. Analysis

  • Understand your business.
  • Audit of processes, systems and data of interest to the project.
  • Identification of needs-solutions.

2. Development

  • Development and implementation of BI / AI solutions.
  • Creation of IT infrastructures and user interfaces.

3. Training and maintenance

  • Delivery of detailed documentation and training of personnel.
  • Maintenance at minimum cost.

Services: How can we help you?

Data engineering


The first requirement for implementing BI / AI solutions is to have well-structured and high-quality data.
Colbai helps you organize and orchestrate your data optimally.


We review the quality of your data and optimize it.
We ensure that they permanently maintain the defined standards (through alerts and automated corrections).


We leverage external data sources and incorporate them into your systems, giving you a detailed view of key information in your industry.
We also extract information from the web through web-scraping.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


We train algorithms to perform repetitive processes, freeing up resources for other tasks.
– Document classification.
– Automatic form processing.
– Chatbots adapted to your business that respond to questions from customers, suppliers, employees, etc.


AI can make reliable and accurate predictions based on historical data.
– Sales forecasting for inventory optimization.
– Probability of success of a potential customer.

Processing of

Tools such as ChatGPT facilitate the organization and search for information.
– Analyze your company’s image on social networks.
– Create a search assistant for your company’s documents.

Computer Vision

Train your systems to interpret images and video.
– Evaluation of product quality in the production line.
– Automatic detection of dangerous situations in surveillance cameras.

Sistemas de recomendación

Analizar datos del cliente y ofrecerle recomendaciones personalizadas.
– Recomendación de productos en plataformas de E-commerce
– Recomendación de contenido multimedia.

Pattern recognition

Identify patterns in data, including factors not detectable to the naked eye.
– Categorization of products and customers.
– Fraud and anomaly detection.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data analysis

We obtain useful information from your data, providing you with valuable information such as:
– Customer profiles.
– Bottlenecks.
– Patterns in your sales.


We provide you with visual representations of your data, giving you a unified, real-time view of your business.

Strategic consulting

Our solutions use the latest information available to support you in making critical decisions such as:
– Optimal pricing of your products/services.
– The most profitable areas of expansion.


About us

Colbai is made up of business and organizational experts, as well as engineers specialized in BI and AI. We have developed professionally in top-tier companies such as Deloitte and PWC, and have collaborated on cutting-edge AI projects with institutions like MIT, among others.

Luis Cuervo

Luis Cuervo

Partner – Business Consultant

Luis J. Derqui

Luis J. Derqui

CTO – AI Consultant

Daniel Oliveras

Daniel Oliveras

AI Consultant

Sem Guillem

Sem Guillem

Systems & Data Consultant

Luis Pujalte

Luis Pujalte

AI Consultant

Francesc Ibáñez

Francesc Ibáñez

Business Consultant

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